This page contains a list of topics I wish to learn more about, am currently learning or have learned.

Book summaries

Links to summaries I’ve made of the books I’ve read. The entire repo is over here.


Learning never truly stops, but here are some more specialized topics I’ve learned to the degree of being generally useful. I’m excluding the PyData stack here, since it’s my primary toolset.

Actively Learning

Topics I am currently actively pursuing.


Topics I have pursued in the past (and am interested in continuing again), but have currently taken a back seat. Usually as a result of my requiring additional knowledge from my “Actively Learning” list.


Topics that I haven’t got around to exploring yet, or that I don’t currently have a solid use-case for. But they’re here to remind me when an appropriate use-case surfaces.

Reading list

In no particular order. And I happen to be a somewhat slow reader. I typically read through books with a highlighter in hand, and make notes. I’ll be trying my best to make these notes available as I finish each book, if I consider what they have to say valuable to me.